JackpotJoy Casino Review

JackPotJoy is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular online casino services, with more than 80 different games to choose from. JackPotJoy offers a dedicated Bingo service, and has a separate casino area that offers many types of games. In addition, JackPotJoy has had at least five millionaire winners in its games, so players know going in that there is a chance they can make it big. The site has a running total on the right side of the numerous jackpots available at any moment, enticing players to make a bet and gain a chance to win the thousands and sometimes millions of pounds to be had.

The casino offers the standard games such as slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more, but it also offers a large number of games that aren’t as commonly known, or are twists of other popular games. What sets JackPotJoy apart is the option for players to play test versions, or demo versions of the games they do not know. These tests have no money on the line, and allow players to learn the ropes before making any bets and putting any personal stake into the match. There are also numerous bonus offers for new players, such as a deal that allows a deposit of 20 pounds to receive 70 pounds to play with.

Unlike many online casinos, JackPotJoy requires no download of any software or third party applications in order for players to join. Games are usually played in the browser, making access easy no matter where the player is or what computer they are using.

The numerous types of games available and the variations within those games means that every newcomer can find at least one game type they know how to play. With offerings such as Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Classic Roulette, and Golden Ball Slots, everything from classic games to brand new versions can be found.

Should the user have any difficulties on the site, a 24/7 support team is on hand to answer any and all questions. JackPotJoy also provides a phone number if a user would prefer to talk on the phone, and email contact information for less pressing matters.

JackPotJoy is a user friendly and fun site that has a bit of something for everyone. Their focus on customer service and player comfort is admirable, and the list of winners encourages any and all who come to the site to give it a shot and make themselves one of the millionaire winners.